Why Are Swiss Banks So Highly Regarded?

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Well, if the answer is yes the Switzerland is known to have the best banking system in the world. The relationship between you and the bank is compare to that of a doctor-patient relationship and only the two of you are aware of the current situation.

The banking act of 1934 states that any banker who reveals his clients information breaks the law and could lead to imprisonment. The federal law has enabled people with big amount of wealth and those that have acquired it through unlawful ways hide it in these banks. The confidentiality between the client and the bank helps for no one else has the access to the information about the account.

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If you are an account holder in a Swiss bank..

you are exposed to limited risk because of an agreement on Depositor Protection which regulates these banks. The bankers in Switzerland are highly trained on how to invest your wealth at low risk. The Depositor Protection agreement ensures that in the bank fails, you will immediately get back your money.

What is more is that the currency franc, is one of the best currencies in the world with almost zero inflation that backed by more than 40% gold reserves.

Swiss banks have also made a name for themselves by offering great investment decisions and internet banking. They are classified into private and retail banks. Private banks render their services to individuals with exceptional large wealth.

Here the customer is given a better personal level of service compared to the retail bank. The exclusive service is reserved for those with liquid assets exceeding $1 million. You also get counseling on matters of wealth management including investment, estate planning and tax concerns. On the other hand, retail banking is the traditional nature of banking that involves savings, checking, personal loans and also mortgages. They offer investment management but they are lower compared to those offered in the private banks.