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Brexit and the Global Economy

20 Sept 2016

The chief of United Kingdom’s chamber of industry and commerce Mr. Eric Schweitzer that the impact of Brexit will be negative especially to the Eurozone. He also said that those who thought that Brexit will be beneficial to the United Kingdom are fooling themselves as also the United Kingdom will suffer more than the Eurozone negatively due to Brexit.

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10 Feb 2016

For a Switzerland bank to be rated at the top 5, it should have two credit ratings. It should be at least AA and one lower than an A plus among the major credit ratings. In the previous years before 2014, the three A plus ratings were enough for a bank to secure the top 5 position. Credit ratings addresses the financial situation of the bank i.e. the debit security and the bond. The ratings are ...

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Video tips on how to do business with Swiss banks

12 Dec 2015

Need help with your Swiss bank account? See some video tips on how to do business with Swiss banks

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